Hi! I'm Kelly

We craft innovative high end digital solutions for clients worldwide.

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90 +
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Why Hire Me

I've been there, done that, wrote the book & did the TEDx

I am as real as it gets – a true “salt of the earth.” Not afraid to share my own challenges and triumphs, I will give you the good, the bad, and the ugly but also provide realistic, practical advice to help empower participants to overcome challenges.

I know my stuff

I utilize my 20+ years of legal expertise empowering small businesses to Fortune 100 companies to improve company culture, promote diversity, equity and inclusion, and boost productivity while protecting their people and profit. 

I'll be your strategic partner

I work with you to make sure the event goes off without a hitch. Need marketing support? You can count of my support. If there is a hitch, you never have to worry that I will switch to Diva mode. Drama is not in my vocabulary. I work hard to accommodate your requests, whenever possible, attend receptions, networking events, and/or other pre- or post-events with your sponsors, participants, and clients.

You'll get dynamic, interactive, thought-provoking content

Nothing boring about me. My presentations are interactive and thought-provoking. I connect with my audience and bring them in to my presentation with visual aesthetics and stories.

I relate to my audience

Audiences love me and I consistently receive rave reviews. Once you hear me speak, you will understand why. A left brain/right brain lawyer, I am an analytical free-spirit, which draws the different personalities in your audience to me. I enjoy meeting and speaking with my audience and make myself available to add value to your participants.

I'm not a legal talking head

I am an experienced and skilled attorney and expert in my field, but I don't speak “legal-ease.”

We are open for new projects. Let's bring your creative ideas to life together!

Our leaders


Richard Blackwood

company's founder

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Maria Swift

art director

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Donad Firestone

media director

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