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My mission is to help you create a safe, inclusive culture in your organization where people see and appreciate each other’s humanity. That requires open, honest conversation and accountability. It also requires a genuine commitment from your leadership to integrate diversity, equity, belonging, inclusion, and safety into the fabric of your organization.

What doesn’t get measured, doesn’t count. What isn’t seen as having a direct correlation to your bottom line, doesn’t matter. 

This work is not just business or interesting topics to me. This is personal to me as a Black woman and mother. I have experienced bias and discrimination. My son was also a victim of police brutality. But he was also blessed in that situation to have an assertive advocate.

Because of this and my over 20 years of experience as an employment law trial attorney, companies, organizations, and associations, hire me to speak at their events and train their leaders and employees about unconscious bias, bystander intervention and courageous conversations. 

If you’re ready and committed to doing the work, I’m ready to help keep you out of courtrooms and newsrooms. 

My goal is to empower and equip your leaders and employees with the skills and practical tools to disrupt unconscious bias, be an advocate not a bystander and effectively engage in courageous conversations. 

My goal is to open peoples' hearts so they can change their minds.

Kelly Charles-Collins

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Meet Kelly

I’m a retired powerhouse attorney and expert on disrupting unconscious bias, bystander intervention, and courageous conversations. I have leveraged my 20+ years as an employment law trial attorney, intuitive perspective, and engaging personality to empower leaders and build a highly regarded speaking business.

Leaders love my practical tools that instantly improve company culture, promote diversity, equity and inclusion, and boost productivity while protecting their people and profit. 

I’m the author of ACE Your Workplace InvestigationsSpeak: Silence is Not an Option!, Conversations Change Things: The “PER”fect Framework for Courageous Conversations, and Unapologetic AF: 34 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Badass.


I’m also the host of the Ladies Who Leverage Podcast, the Founder of Ladies Who Leverage, a global network for women entrepreneurs and the publisher of the Ladies Who Leverage “Visionary Life” Magazine.

I and my award-winning TEDx Talk – The Bystander Effect: Why Some People Act and Others Don’t have been featured on ABC and CBS and podcasts and I’ve been quoted or featured in several publications, including NextAdvisor, Forbes, Fast Company, Women’s Wear Daily, and Thrive Global.