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Are your leaders biased, indifferent or mishandling employee complaints?

Wait, wait – don’t get mad. 

Here’s why I ask. 

How often are your leaders making personnel decisions based on learned stereotypes? Bias. 

Do your leaders just stand by, ignoring problems and the potential consequences? Indifference.

There is a price to be paid for bias and indifference. From attracting and retaining diverse talent to creating a safe and inclusive work environment, if there’s a frustration you’re dealing with, avoiding the cost of your leaders’ bias and indifference takes more than just creating policies. You need look no further than the daily news to understand this – Starbucks, Gucci, Michigan State, CBS, Fox, Hollywood, and Uber.

Everything we do every day has an impact. – Kelly Charles-Collins

Kelly Charles-Collins, CEO of HR Legally Speaking.

As an Unconscious Bias, bySTANDer Intervention, and Workplace Investigations Expert I’ve seen first-hand the price companies have had to pay. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. You and your leaders have control and the opportunity to impact your organization. You have the power to make your employees feel valued, empowered and included. 

Now, I’m not your “average expert.” I’m “The Expert” you’ve been looking for. I’ve spent over 20 years as an employment attorney empowering small businesses to Fortune 100 companies to discover and leverage the true value of their teams, take action, and effectively investigate employee complaints. 

I take a proactive approach to human resources risk management. After all, HR, at its best, is an interactive, collaborative process between management and employees driven by open communication, shared goals, and mutual benefit. 

And yes, I am a trial attorney. But I empower my clients to take action to prevent lawsuits and wasting company profits defending them.

That’s why I created

the CO2 Effect

to reduce the impact of unconscious bias on your employees and business.

The bySTANDer Free Zone

after having personally experienced the impact of indifference and the power of courage.

And having conducted thousands of investigations and defending clients who have done their own, I realized that we expect organizations to conduct legally compliant workplace investigations, but they have little or no training. Always seeking solutions to my clients’ problems, I wrote my book “ACE Your Workplace Investigations: A Step-by-Step Guide for Avoiding Friction, Covering Your Assets, and Earning Employee Trust.” 

What if you could discover and leverage the true value of your workforce? What if you could create safe and inclusive environments that encourage people to stand up and speak up without fear of judgment or retribution? What if you could develop a legally compliant investigations process that preserves company assets without sacrificing employee satisfaction and trust? What if you could empower your people, leverage your resources and execute your vision? 

YOU CAN … when I deliver keynotes or training at conferences. Or when I work with your leaders or team on-site for group training, one-to-one coaching, and/or consulting. 

what are you waiting for?

Just Call Me Kelly CC:

  1. Born in Kingston, Jamaica.
  2. Has tattoos. Yes plural.
  3. Managed my son’s hip-hop group and sang the hook on one of his songs.
  4. Owned a wedding and event planning business and was voted Best Wedding Planner in Atlanta.
  5. Was Mrs. Fulton County, Georgia.
  6. Daughter of an breast cancer survivor and shares a birthday with her father.
  7. Went to college at 16. Attended law school on a whim.
  8. Hates vegetables. Milk is not even an option. Carbs are my lifeline.
  9. Favorite poem is “The Dash.”
  10. LOVES shopping for clothes and shoes. That explains the degrees in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management and Marketing. Any brands want to sponsor??? #askingforme
  11. Enjoys dancing. Created “HR Shuffle” parody based on the “Cupid Shuffle.” Click here to listen and download.

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