Sloppy Investigations ...

If you have employees, they will complain.

And when they do, is your first thought, “I got this!” or are you thinking “Ain’t nobody got time for that”?

Day after day companies like yours are receiving charges of discrimination or being dragged into lawsuits by employees. And if you’re really unlucky, your company has sparked the latest negative #hashtag movement.

The truth is, employee complaints are a cost of doing business.

And how you handle employees complaints frames their perceptions of you, the company and the process. And probably more importantly, what they do next!

Sloppy investigations and unresolved issues could cost your company its business.


Revolutionize your thinking. Whether you are a business owner, Human Resources professional, or member of the management team, embrace the opportunity to find out what is going on in your business, affecting your employees’ productivity, eroding employee trust, and ultimately impacting your bottom line. For leaders, ACE Your Workplace Investigations, is Your Step-by-Step Guide for Avoiding Friction, Covering your Assets, and Earning Employee Trust.

Consider these stats ... how would this impact your business?

1. In 2019, employers paid $39.1 million dollars for employee suits filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”). This does not include all the private lawsuits filed throughout the country or private or EEOC settlements.

2. Average cost to defend a single-plaintiff employee lawsuit just through settlement is $160,000.00.

3. Average cost to defend a single-plaintiff employee lawsuit through trial is $250,000.00.

4. When you settle an employee lawsuit, you not only pay money to the employee but you also pay their attorneys’ fees.

5. On average it takes 316 days to settle a single-plaintiff employee lawsuit.


6. An employee lawsuit takes at least 1.5 years before it goes to trial and many take much longer.

7. If your company loses at trial, you are responsible for your attorneys’ fees, the judgment in favor of the employee, and the employees’ attorneys’ fees. You may also be required to pay interest on the judgment. And if the complained of behavior is bad enough, you might have to pay punitive damages which could be in the hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

8. If your company wins the trial, you still have to pay your attorneys’ fees because most statutes related to employee claims don’t allow you to recover those from the employee.

9. Retainers for defense counsel are $10,000 and above.

10. Soft costs like, turnover, loss of employee trust, customer goodwill, and company reputation … priceless.

But money doesn't grow on trees, right? Well ... your employees, their attorneys, and the EEOC think so. And juries agree!

Want to know why? Because companies are ignoring employee complaints, performing sham investigations or none at all, and engaging in cover-ups. 

In the moment, it may seem like a good idea. It gets rid of the issue … or so you think. But I’m here to tell you, employees are like elephants.

They never forget. And when it benefits them, they won’t let you forget either.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You’re job is to create an environment where the risk of lawsuits and bad press is virtually non-existent.

Instead of you blindly trying to figure it out, I will teach you my proven step-by-step investigations process that has saved my clients millions of dollars, thousands of productivity hours, and minimized the risk of lawsuits.

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