Bystander Intervention

Don’t Just Stand There: Practical Strategies for Transforming Bystanders into Allies & Advocates

Is your environment riddled with off-color jokes, harassment, bullying, discrimination or violence?

Is your zero-tolerance policy not worth the paper it’s written on? Are you burying your head in the sand hoping the problems will just go away?

You see and hear what’s going on. You feel like you should do something or say something. But you don’t know what to say or do. Or you fear that if you intervene, you could be the next target – excluded from opportunities, kept out of the loop, considered for removal. Before you know it, you are no longer a “good fit” for the environment.

So, what do you do? Nothing.

Doing nothing is contagious and creates a breeding ground for a hostile work environment.

But we can determine that regardless of what everyone else is doing, it is our responsibility to act. There’s a spectrum from “doing nothing to doing something.” With my 4 Cs for Safe Bystander Intervention, you will be empowered to intervene and move from being a mere bystander to an ally and advocate.

Thank you for presenting at HR Florida. Your bystander intervention training is wonderful. Thank you for asking the hard questions and helping us become aware of some of our bias, sensitivity, and responsibility to ourselves and others.
Andrea Christena
Administrative Manager, VHB

Learning Outcomes:

Define the concept and benefits of bystander intervention

Analyze the intervention decision-making process

Examine or role-play scenarios and discuss intervention strategies

Discover the 4 Cs to move from being a bystander to an ally and advocate