Revolutionize your thinking. Whether you are a business owner, Human Resources professional, or member of the management team, embrace the opportunity to find out what is going on in your business, affecting your employees’ productivity, eroding employee trust, and ultimately impacting your bottom line. 

For leaders, ACE Your Workplace Investigations, is Your Step-by-Step Guide for Avoiding Friction, Covering your Assets, and Earning Employee Trust.

Our role in this world is not necessarily to be the hero to save the day, but to be a hero everyday. When you see something, say something, do something. Silence is not an option! 

This eBook will guide you from being a bystander to an active ally and advocate using my 4Cs for Safe Bystander Intervention.



Conversations change things. But when it comes to taboo or sensitive topics such as race, racism, work performance, family issues, etc., those conversations aren’t easy.

The “PER”fect Framework equips you to skillfully engage in courageous conversations, so they are productive, painless, and positive.

You just need to master the three pillars of the “PER”fect Framework: Prepare, Engage, Reflect.



Speaker Blindspots That Can Cost Your Business.

These tips are not just for professional speakers. They can be used by each of us to ensure that our blindspots are not negatively impacting our personal and professional brands.