women’s leadership  development

My mission is to ensure that women’s value is not erased. I believe that your voice is your superpower. That’s why I’m committed to amplifying, elevating, and affirming women’s voices and expertise.

~ Kelly Charles-Collins, Esq.


ExecuSPEAK™ is for those of you who lead board and team meetings, engage in crucial one-on-one conversations, and who understand the power of impactful presentations and webinars.

Our mission? To elevate your communication skills, helping you articulate your vision and insights with clarity, confidence, and charisma.

Designed for executives and leaders, ExecuSPEAK™️ offers tailored coaching and mentoring to help you excel in all forms of public speaking, from keynotes and high-stakes presentations to board presentations and more.

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Your voice is your superpower!

For women leaders and executives, the ability to articulate ideas clearly, persuasively, and compellingly is not just an asset—it’s essential. Public speaking is the key to unlocking doors to boardrooms, securing a seat at decision-making tables, and influencing the narratives that drive industries.

But let’s face it—while competence gets you in the room, confidence and charisma are what keep you there. That’s where ExecuSPEAK™️ steps in. We’re more than a coaching service; we’re your strategic partner in defining and expressing your executive presence.

Gain Unstoppable Clarity: Our techniques and feedback are tools that build not just skills but clarity and confidence that permeates through all aspects of your leadership.

Tailored Strategies: From crafting your message to refining your delivery, every piece of advice is tailored to your personal style and professional goals.

Continuous Growth: Public speaking is a journey, not a destination. We provide you with proprietary frameworks, resources, and support to continuously develop your skills and adapt to new challenges.


Elevate Your Career with Executive Speech Coaching

Imagine walking into every speaking engagement with unwavering confidence. Picture the respect and recognition that come from delivering your message with clarity and conviction. With ExecuSPEAK, these scenarios become your new reality.

Our ExecuSPEAK™ coaching program is tailored specifically for ambitious women like you—intelligent, driven, and ready to ascend.

Whether you’re presenting to the board, leading large teams, or representing your organization at conferences, ExecuSPEAK™ equips you with the skills to:

Command Attention

Learn to hold the room with assurance, whether you’re speaking to an audience of ten or ten thousand.

Drive Change

Use your voice to effect change, advocate for your ideas, and inspire your team and stakeholders.

Enhance Visibility

Increase your professional visibility and become a thought leader in your industry.

Cultivate Connections

Forge stronger connections with your audience, turning listeners into allies and adversaries into advocates.

Ready to speak up, stand out, and lead with authority?

Let’s elevate your influence together. Contact us today to start your journey with ExecuSPEAK™.

Ready To Monetize What You Know Not Just What You Do?

A speaking business catalyst where strategy meets implementation.


We infuse women with clarity and confidence, enhance their speaking skills to highlight their unique genius, and solidify their power, presence and thought leadership.

Thought Leaders Circle is for women speakers, professionals, coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs who want to monetize their expertise. 

Our team is on a mission to position women thought leaders to build an expertise-based business that secures paid speaking engagements and high-value contracts. We believe equity isn’t a luxury; it’s a norm we’re setting.

If you’re ready to invest in strategies, resources, tools, and support to become a true thought leader in your industry who commands premium pricing … The Thought Leaders Circle was designed for you!

We are where strategy meets implementation. We focus on both the being and doing. We leverage proprietary frameworks and proven strategies to guide our clients to become thought leaders and build thriving expertise-based businesses.

We believe that clarity, confidence, and courage are the keys to unlocking your true potential.

But more than that, it’s about creating a community of like-minded women who champion each other’s expertise, share valuable insights, and grow together.

Within every woman lies a wealth of knowledge, experience, and potential waiting to be unleashed. It’s not just about what you know, but how you share it with the world.

You understand the power of your expertise and the potential impact it holds. Yet, you also recognize that having expertise and experience alone won’t bring you the recognition and income you desire.