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Speak to Influence: Treat Every Communication as High-Stakes

How many times have you felt your voice wasn’t heard in the boardroom? Or hesitated to share your ideas because of self-doubt? It’s time to change that. Imagine speaking with clarity, confidence, and credibility in every high-stakes moment.

Every word you speak in high-stakes situations can change perspectives, drive decisions, and inspire action. Imagine the impact of your messages being clear, impactful, and resonant, building stronger connections and leading to successful outcomes.

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Take Up Space Sis: Own Your Vision, Voice, Visibility & Value

A powerful call to action for womenlive beyond their potential. Too often, women are encouraged to play small and conform to societal expectations. It’s time to challenge these norms and empower women to reclaim and own their power and live authentically and unapologetically.

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Interactive Experiences

We believe in the power of interactive and engaging learning experiences to affirm, amplify, and elevate your value. Our unique methodology leverages the power of games and role-playing to help you discover your why, embrace your unique genius, and express your voice with confidence and clarity.

Games are more than just fun—they are powerful tools for learning and development. By tapping into our childlike selves, we reconnect with a time when we operated more freely, creatively, and fearlessly. Games provide a safe and supportive environment where you can explore new skills, practice communication strategies, and build confidence.

The following programs can be designed as 2-4 hour workshops. All can be done virtually or in-person. However, some are better suited for in-person experiences.

Bragging Rights: Communicate with Clarity, Confidence & Credibility

Where you brag …

Step into your power and own your accomplishments in the Bragging Rights workshop. This transformative experience is designed to help you uncover your true why, articulate your unique genius, and craft a personal brand message that communicates your value with clarity, confidence, and credibility.

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Convo Catalyst Experience: Skillfully Handle Hard Conversations

Where you practice …

Hard conversations are inevitable in any professional setting, whether you’re addressing performance issues, navigating conflicts, or discussing sensitive topics. Navigate the most challenging conversations with confidence and competence in the Convo Catalyst Experience. This workshop is designed to equip you with the skills and strategies needed to effectively engage in difficult discussions utilizing real-life scenarios from the Convo Catalyst card deck and a proven framework. 

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High-Stakes Arena: Communicate, Engage, Play

Where you play …

we believe that the best way to learn is through experience and enjoyment. Step into the High-Stakes Arena, where the power of play meets the art of communication. This dynamic workshop leverages childhood games to teach and enhance essential communication skills in a fun, engaging, and memorable way.

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High-Stakes Theater: Presentation Skills

Where you perform …

High-Stakes Theater isn’t just about learning to speak; it’s about commanding the stage, engaging your audience, and delivering your message with confidence and clarity. This interactive workshop is tailored for leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs who are ready to elevate their presentation game and leave a lasting impression.

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Signature Talk Experience: Presentation Design

Where you create …

In the Signature Talk Experience, you will learn how to craft a keynote speech or presentation that not only captivates your audience but also drives them towards action. Using the Signature Talk Blackprint and the ITS Framework (Intrigue, Transform, Shift Perspectives), you will design a keynote speech or presentation that not only addresses your audience’s needs but offers solutions and inspires action.

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audience feedback

I would said it is definitely invaluable. The conversations are so important and I was given some valuable things to share with managers. We are struggling in this area.

Thank you for making me feel like I can have a crucial conversation with my supervisor. There is a game plan and I CAN DO IT!

Takes some of the fear out of starting uncomfortable conversations and validates the feelings that even experienced leaders get uncomfortable sometimes.

It was empowering and inspirational. As women we do have voices and we have a choice, WE CAN, if we chose to.

Detailed insight on best practices for crafting a signature talk. Kelly was extremely knowledgeable and shared ideas that make so much sense and are better than all the other “how to speak” programs out there!

It’s very targeted and goes beyond the easy ABCs of Speaking that one could google. Great session!

Kelly needs more time!! She is too knowledgeable for a 30-45 mins slot, this could have easily been a half-day workshop!

This session put in the forefront the importance of my presence, how I should show, and what I expect when I do.

This was great. Your tone and delivery was outstanding. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

She was very relatable! I definitely connected with her!

Extremely actionable and informative for a large scale obstacle for many organizations. Broken down easily and makes space for anyone to make a difference.

She’s a powerful speaker who makes sense and brings a human side to unconscious bias.

Impact matters! Kelly shared frameworks to help us understand how to have courageous conversations and understand the spectrum of accountability.

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