Nevertheless, Persist!


20, single, and pregnant
Working full-time during the day
Attending grad school at night
Nevertheless, I persisted

Decided to attend law school in California
Meant leaving my 1.5 year old son in Florida with my mom and sister
Missed several formative years of my son’s life
Nevertheless, I persisted

June 2004, my son and I moved to Georgia because I met the love of my life
January 2006, we were married
August 2006, I lost my six-figure job
Nevertheless, I persisted

Blended our family
Experienced my son’s teenage years
The joy and pain; felt anger, guilt and shame
Nevertheless, I persisted

My life and family is no different than yours
We’ve experienced great joy, triumph and success
But we’ve also experienced pain, sadness and loss
Nevertheless, WE persisted

In the face of all life gives you
When you are beat down, fed up and worn out