Why Raymond James’ Honest Talk About Racism Matters

Raymond James

On Juneteenth, Raymond James Chairman and CEO Paul Reilly hosted two special guests — Johnnetta Cole, Ph.D., an anthropologist, educator and college president, and Kelly Charles-Collins, an expert in unconscious bias, bystander intervention and workplace investigations — for a firmwide virtual webinar and Q&A about race and its impact on the workplace.

Understanding that, in order to move forward, we need insight into how we got here, Cole shared comprehensive, emotional, historical context for what we’re experiencing around race and systemic racism in America. 

One of the most impactful takeaways from Charles-Collins’ presentation was her description of the many cultures of our society. 

She didn’t mean “culture” in the sense of ethnicity or even race. She meant macro-cultures, like our firms and organizations, and micro-cultures, such as divisions within a company, the various departments, and even our work teams. 

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