Convo Catalyst™: The Humanistic Guide to Ignite Dialogue, Shift Perspectives & Cultivate Change is your ultimate resource for transforming your organization through the power of courageous conversations. Written by retired attorney, keynote & award-winning TEDx speaker, and author, Kelly Charles-Collins, this captivating book takes you on a transformative journey to master the art and skill of effective communication and create a safe, inclusive, and accountable culture.


With her powerful ‘PER’fect Framework™ – Prepare, Engage, Reflect – at your disposal, you’ll gain the tools and strategies to navigate difficult discussions with authenticity, respect, and empathy. From overcoming obstacles to addressing unconscious bias, this comprehensive book offers real-life examples, actionable techniques, and thought-provoking exercises that will revolutionize your workplace dynamics. Say goodbye to expensive and unproductive conflicts and hello to a world of meaningful conversation, where every person and every voice matters. Transform your organization with the “Convo Catalyst™,” and cultivate a positive culture fueled by collaboration, understanding, and accountability.

The Convo Catalyst Card Deck is a powerful tool designed to elevate your communication skills and foster meaningful dialogue. With a collection of 52 thought-provoking questions and scenarios, this deck empowers individuals and teams to navigate challenging conversations with empathy, respect, and positive outcomes.

Whether you’re looking to enhance personal relationships, address sensitive topics at work, or spark meaningful discussions in your community, the Convo Catalyst Card Deck provides the perfect framework. Each card prompts deep reflection, encourages active listening, and guides participants towards greater understanding and connection.

Embrace the transformative power of courageous conversations and create a more inclusive and harmonious environment. 

Get your deck today and start igniting dialogue, shifting perspectives, and cultivating change.

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It’s for women who want to learn how to anticipate, short-circuit, and out-navigate the people, places and predicaments that will keep them from being great.

In Unapologetic AF, Kelly shares her life lessons, strategies, and wisdom gained from a personal and professional life of twists, turns, and detours. She calls them her Kellyisms and she has laid out 34 of them just for you.

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