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Disrupt Unconscious Bias

Your company is on a short-list for a lucrative contract. Winning requires you to have a diverse team, including management, work on the project. You can’t deliver. Despite having a robust written diversity and inclusion policy, there’s a lack of diversity in your employee ranks.

People of color asked to leave a coffee shop while others are treated with the highest levels of service. Fodder for a viral video.

And because the outcomes can be so dire for all parties involved, companies begin firefighting. Measures such as changing recruiting strategies, panicked diversity hiring without a plan for inclusion, or trying to policy the problem away are like using a squirt gun to put out a fire.

You can raise awareness of how bias is affecting decisions when you chose to disrupt unconscious bias.

Be in the news for the right reasons. With Disrupt Unconscious Bias you can stay on the right side of the next #hashtag movement.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify areas in your organization where bias is most prevalent
  • Help adjust perspectives and make decisions based on facts not stereotypes
  • Provide practical ways to disrupt bias
  • Provide safe space to explore and acknowledge biases to foster acceptance and willingness to change
  • Create high-performing, inclusive cultures
  • Develop a framework for making change

Bystander Intervention: Stand up, speak up,
act up!

Another meeting with Jessie and the off-color, gender bashing, bad jokes will begin. People will laugh… uncomfortably. They will look around to pretend it is not happening. But no one will say a word. The issue: Jessie is a leader and you don’t want to be the next target.

You feel like you should say/do something. But what do you say, what do you do, and how?

If you say nothing, then you could be the next target and the behavior continues. If you step up, you’re the snitch who’ll be excluded from better projects, kept out of the loop, and considered for removal. Before you know it, you’re “no longer a good fit.”

This type of pack behavior is just one form of bullying that whispers of hostile work environment are made of.

This doesn’t have to be a forgone conclusion. You can empower yourself and your teams to move from being mere bystanders to allies and advocates.

Kelly Charles-Collins empowers your team to stand up, speak up, act up:

  • Define the concept and benefits of bystander intervention
  • Explore and navigate the intervention decision-making process
  • Embrace allyship and advocacy
  • Discover the 4 C’s to define the spectrum for safe intervention

ACE Your Workplace Investigations

Did you know?

The average cost to defend a single plaintiff employment claim is $160,000.00. On average those matters take 316 days to resolve.

Do you have that kind of time and money to expend on employee complaints?

How you handle employees’ complaints frames their perception of you, the company and the process. And probably more importantly, what they do next!

You’re job is to create an environment where the risk of lawsuits and bad press is virtually non-existent.

Effectively conducting legally workplace investigations is one sure-fire way of doing that.

Kelly Charles-Collins will teach you her proven step-by-step system she’s used for 20+ years to save her clients millions of dollars and thousands of hours:

  • Standardize your process from complaint intake to the final report
  • Learn strategies to minimize liability
  • Create an environment where the risk of lawsuits and bad press is virtually non-existent

Unleash Your Badassery: Kick Imposter Syndrome to the Curb

You want a seat at the table, but you’re constantly overlooked. Or maybe even worse you have a seat at the table, but you don’t believe you belong there. The dreaded imposter syndrome.

You lack self-confidence, have anxiety and doubts about your thoughts, abilities, achievements and accomplishments. You might engage in negative self-talk, feel inadequate, dwell on past mistakes or just feel that you are not good enough.

You’ve tried everything to overcome these obstacles – worked harder and longer, taken courses, and/or changed jobs. But you’re really just spinning your wheels. Nothing seems to work. You’re stuck in this vicious cycle. 

You’re not alone. Nearly 70 percent of individuals experience signs and symptoms of impostor syndrome at least once in their life. But this a temporary condition, not a terminal illness.

It’s time to unleash your badassery. You are not a fraud.  You will kick imposter syndrome to the curb and take your rightful seat at the table.

Using her 24+ years thriving in a white male patriarchal profession, Kelly will teach you to:

  • Discover that impostor syndrome is a temporary condition, not a terminal illness
  • Be empowered to kick impostor syndrome to the curb
  • Develop a new internal dialogue to separate feelings from fact
  • Uncover strategies to earn and keep their seat at the table

ALL Programs Can Be Presented Via Keynotes, Breakout/Training Sessions, Webinars, On-Site Group Training, One-To-One Coaching Or Consulting.

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