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Power of 

bystander Intervention



Raise your hand (don’t cheat) if you’ve ever seen an incident on television or read about it on social media or elsewhere and said “If I was there, I would have done something or said something.”

Would you really?

How often do you stand by and do nothing when you know you should be doing something?

I bet the answer is more often than not. But, don’t be too hard on yourself.

You’re not alone.

The more people that are present, the less likely we are to act. Crowds allow us to hide and be anonymous. To diffuse our responsibility.

Whether you are witnessing violence, harassment, discrimination, bullying, or illegal activities, you want to intervene.

But …

  • You’re afraid
  • You don’t know if you should intervene or even how
  • You don’t see the benefits in intervening
  • You think someone else will handle it.

This is the Bystander Effect

BySTANDers are not just those who witness and don’t intervene.

BySTANDers include those who are told and don’t intervene.

And those who heard it through the grapevine and don’t intervene.

But you are not doomed to be a bySTANDer.


I’m Kelly Charles-Collins, CEO of HR Legally Speaking. I created the bySTANDer free zone™ after having personally experienced the impact of indifference and the power of courage. As an employment attorney, I’ve also spent over 20 years empowering and emboldening people to stand up and speak up without fear of retribution or judgment.

Your values guide your decision-making.

What if I told you?

You don’t have to follow the flock.

You can determine that regardless of what everyone else is doing, it is your responsibility to act.

You can gain the courage to take action.

You can create safe and inclusive environments that encourage people to stand up, speak up and act up.

You can stand in your power.

All it takes is some self-reflection:

  • Who are you
  • How would you want someone to act if it was you or your loved one
  • What are your values
  • How would your taking action change the outcome?

It’s not as scary as you think. This is your moment: the power to choose what action you will take. No matter the situation, you can do something. There’s so much room for action between nothing and death.

When you enter the bySTANDer free zoneTM you will:

  • Discover what is holding you back
  • Devise strategies to overcome those obstacles
  • Embrace your role as an ally
  • Determine how you can make a difference
  • Empower others to stand up, speak up, and act up.
Imagine the difference YOU can make! Say no to standing by and yes to standing up.

Enter the bySTANDer free zone.™