Race and racism. Just two of many topics that until now have been too taboo or difficult to discuss in the workplace.

But times have changed. These topics are now at the forefront and can no longer be put aside as too political or too controversial.

These issues must be addressed in the workplace. Your employees expect it. Your customers expect it. Your vendors expect it. The public at large expects it.

Silence or indifference around these issues will negatively impact your business. But so will mishandling these issues.

Effectively discussing these difficult topics requires facilitation by a skilled expert. That’s where I come in. I am an expert in unconscious bias. I’m also have over 20 years of expertise in employment law handling cases involving race discrimination. Additionally, I have facilitated conversations about race, racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion for a variety of companies including Raymond James and the Tampa International Airport.

If you are serious about creating a safe and inclusive culture, one where all of your employees feel valued, assessments, listening sessions and training focused on tough topics like race and racism must be an integral part of your company’s strategic plan.

Silence or indifference about race and racism will negatively impact your business.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Create a safe space for constructive dialogue about difficult topics
  • Recognize the unique life experiences that affect our views
  • Develop practical strategies for creating safe, inclusive, and accountable cultures
  • Explore the “PER”fect Framework for Courageous Conversations
  • Listening Sessions
  • Facilitated Roundtables
  • Courageous Conversations Training 
  • C-Suite Executives
  • Business Owners
  • Board of Directors
  • Sr. Management
  • HR Professionals
  • Risk Managers
  • Line Managers
  • Employees