You want a seat at the table, but you’re constantly overlooked. Or … you have a seat at the table, but you don’t believe you belong there. Dreaded impostor syndrome.

Lack of self-confidence, anxiety, doubts about your thoughts, abilities, achievements and accomplishments run wild. Negative self-talk, feeling inadequate, dwelling on past mistakes or just feeling that you are not good enough are a constant.

You’ve tried everything to overcome these obstacles – worked harder and longer, taken courses, and/or changed jobs. But nothing seems to work. You’re stuck in this vicious cycle. 

You’re not alone. Nearly 70 percent of individuals experience signs and symptoms of impostor syndrome at least once in their life. But this a temporary condition, not a terminal illness.

It’s time to unleash your badassery. You are not a fraud!


Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify your skills, attributes, and accomplishments
  • Release the guilt, shame, anger, doubt, fear that’s been holding you back
  • Identify and clarify life purpose
  • Uncover strategies to remain in alignment 
  • Develop a new internal dialogue that acknowledges your value and embraces your greatness
  • Women
  • Girls

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