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Develop a legally compliant workplace investigations process. Preserve Company Assets. Nurture employee satisfaction and trust.

$15 million!!!

YOU didn’t win the lottery. But your employees will.

Let’s just tell the truth and shame the devil …

#METOO is here to stay.

And yes, I know you’d probably rather choke on a grape than investigate employee complaints.

But how you handle investigations of your employees’ concerns and complaints frame their perceptions of you, the company, and the outcome of the investigation. And just as important, what they do next!


  • Investigations are disruptive, costly, and time consuming.
  • It can be tough identifying what issues to investigate.
  • You’re unsure how to evaluate the information gathered.
  • Asking the wrong questions – no matter how innocent the motives – could cost you.

You are expected to conduct timely and legally compliant investigations. There’s just one major problem. You’ve probably received little or no training about:

  • how to do an investigation
  • who to interview
  • what questions to ask
  • what to avoid
  • what to do once the investigation is complete.

Guess what?
You’ve found the solution.


I’m Kelly Charles-Collins, Esq., CEO of HR Legally Speaking. I wrote my book ACE Your Workplace Investigations: A Step-by-Step Guide for Avoiding Friction, Covering your Assets, and Earning Employee Trust for people just like you who want to do the right thing but might not know how. I’ve spent over 20 years as an employment attorney empowering small businesses to Fortune 100 companies to effectively investigate employee complaints.

As a leader, you are the first line of defense in preventing a #METOO moment and its aftermath – not just for the company but also your employees. It may sound daunting. But, You can do it.

There’s a secret to keeping your company out of the headlines and the courtroom. Want to know what it is?

Well keep reading.

You must be ready to revolutionize your thinking about employee complaints and investigations.

You must be ready to revolutionize your thinking about employee complaints and investigations.

“New HR, Who Dis?”

You can develop a legally compliant investigations process that preserves company assets without sacrificing employee satisfaction and trust. But you must reframe the risk management discussion from reactive to proactive – focusing on the benefits rather than the burdens.

Your concerns about disruption, time, and money will be alleviated.

Your employees will feel valued, appreciated, and included.

That’s the power of the Ace Technique

When you address real issues with effective solutions, you earn and maintain the trust of your team and discover the issues:

  • bubbling below the surface
  • affecting your employee’s productivity
  • eroding employee trust
  • negatively impacting the company’s bottom line.

But Wait.
There's More!

The ACE Technique doesn’t just help you create a safe and inclusive environment for your employees, it empowers you with the skills and tools necessary to:

  • Standardize and streamline your investigations process
  • Conduct legally compliant investigations
  • “Ask the right questions … uncover the facts”
  • Develop and nurture respectful and trusting relationship with employees
  • Reduce employee complaints
  • Minimize the risk of lawsuits and a #METOO moment.

Embrace the revolution. Say #NOTME to #METOO.