I Don’t Want A Seat At The Table.

I keep hearing women say they want a seat at the table. I don’t want a seat at the table. I want a voice in the decision-making.

How many of us have had a seat at the table, purely as a prop?

A seat is a number. That satisfies their diversity quota. A heard, respected, valued voice is empowerment. That is Inclusion.

So, I don’t care about a seat. I’m not here to grace you with my presence. I’m not here to make you look good. I’m not here so you can flaunt how diverse your organization is.

I’m here to be:

a contributor;
an active participant;
involved in decision-making;
an integral part of your strategic plan;
valued for my skills and knowledge;

I’m fine with not having a seat.

I’ll stand.

My voice is not meant to be sat on.

#womenarenotprops #womenhaveavoice #womenrock #womenarebrilliant#empowerwomen