Signature Talk: The "Corporate" Experience

The Signature Talk Experience Program is designed with a strategic focus on empowering thought leaders, new and emerging leaders and executives, to develop, perfect & present their authentic message & presentations equip them with the skills to lead teams effectively.
This unique program employs our proprietary Signature Talk Blackprint, a 4-phase framework that assists clients in developing an authentic, transformative, and intriguing presentation that is rooted in their "why." It's not just about shaping a talk but cultivating a resonant message that commands attention and elevates authority.
Signature Talk Experience can be delivered to groups or 1:1. If you're interested working with Kelly individually to craft your authentic message, click here. 
Focus: Developing your signature talk, presentation or message.
Format: In-person interactive workshop

The V Suite:
Where Women Own Their Vision,
Voice, Visibility & Value

Throughout their lives, women are handed a script. "Wait," it says. "Be less, be quiet, be compliant." This societal narrative, ingrained since their first steps, becomes the hushed whisper in their ears, the weight on their shoulders, and the invisible barrier between them and their potential. It's a script that cages them beneath the glass ceiling and pins them to a relentless sticky floor.
But imagine a space, a mindset, where these scripts are torn apart, where women are the authors of their own stories. Welcome to "The V Suite," the sanctuary where women reclaim their Vision, Voice, Visibility, and Value. Here, it's not about fitting into predefined molds or waiting for permission. It's about stepping into power, shattering old narratives, and crafting a world where women lead unapologetically.
In "The V Suite," every woman finds the tools to rewrite her script, to break free, and to choose herself, every single day.
Focus: Empowering women to take control of their life, career, and legacy.
Formats: Virtual or In-person keynote, panel, fireside chat, mentoring program

Cultivating Safe, Inclusive, Accountable Cultures

It is imperative for organizations to create safe, inclusive cultures where people see, appreciate, and respect each other’s humanity.
That requires open, honest conversation and accountability. It also requires a genuine commitment from leadership to integrate diversity, equity, belonging, inclusion, and safety into the fabric of the  organization.
What doesn’t get measured, doesn’t count. What isn’t seen as having a direct correlation to your bottom line, doesn’t matter. 
Focus: Disrupting unconscious bias, practicing bystander intervention and engaging in courageous conversations.
Formats: Virtual or In-person keynote, training, panel, fireside chat, in-person interactive workshop

Inclusion Starts With Conversations

Conversations about race, work, and family can be challenging, but avoiding them is not an option. Don't let fear hold you back from the conversations that matter. Your business depends on courageous communication that fosters understanding and growth. Learn the “PER”fect Framework for engaging in courageous conversations, so you can build a culture of inclusivity and trust. Discover how to start, what to say, and how to handle difficult situations, and leave with the tools you need to cultivate conversational cultures.
The Convo Catalyst Experience is a communication and leadership development program designed to equip your team with the skills and confidence they need to tackle difficult conversations about workplace conflicts, biases, and personal differences.
Powered by the Convo Catalyst "Workplace Edition" Card Deck and Workbook, this interactive, role-playing, team-building workshop is designed to empower leaders and employees to master the art and skill of engaging in conversations about difficult topics. 
Focus: Mastering the art and skill of engaging in conversations about difficult topics. 
Formats: Virtual or In-person keynote, training, panel, fireside chat, in-person interactive workshop

Elevate your corporate culture with Kelly’s engaging and enlightening presentations. Gain actionable strategies to foster inclusivity, ignite dialogue, shift perspectives, and cultivate change.

Speaking Topics: Leadership and Management Development, Employee Engagement, Culture, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Women’s Empowerment