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Amazing and thought provoking talk. Time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
Career Place
Thank you for articulating what most people try to hide or not think about at all. I hope every church and corporation in America hires you to teach leaders and executives about Unconscious Bias. Your presentation is the absolute truth and it's flawless! You are the best!
Legal Secretary
Camden County Prosecutor's Office
Your content and presentation were informative and energetic! And I loved the HR Shuffle.
Talent Acquisition Leader
Express Scripts
You were so engaging & fantastic! You could hear a pin drop!
Adjunct Faculty
Rowan University
Yes!!! You were absolutely amazing! You said what most try not to think about! Providing data most don't know with flawless and impactful delivery!! THE EXPERT IN UNCONSCIOUS BIAS BEHAVIOR! Book her before one wrong turn leads you to her for defense!!!
Sr. HR Director
Thank you for being our Keynote Speaker at the Tri-State Conference! You were wonderful and a great reminder that no matter how careful you are there is unconscious bias. We need to all be aware and navigate.
Regional HR Manager
Extra Space Storage
Great presentation Kelly and I have already started reading your book 🙂 I’m halfway finished. Also, I loved the HR Shuffle and dancing it with you and others on stage. I do hope to hear your presentations again in the near future. Keep up the great work and thanks for providing HR Professionals like myself good insight.
Sr. HR Manager
I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, “Unconscious Bias in the Workplace”, at the Atlanta HR Star Conference last week.
Human Resources Representative
City of Atlanta
I was fortunate enough to listen-in on your presentation today regarding unconscious bias in the world and workplace. Please accept this quick note as a thank you for your practical insight on how to address such an important issue in our everyday lives. Frankly, I do not think I will ever attend another presentation with a more memorable takeaway: “I am not a court reporter, but I type a lot.” I am not sure if many others understood the reference; but I did and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Gass Weber Mullins
Great speaker and very helpful analogies to thinking differently about diversity.
HR Professional
Bamboo HR Virtual Summit
So many people don't understand what happens when your unconscious bias fogs the decision-making process causing problems (sometimes legal) during hiring, general conversation, and various lifetime actions whether in a work or personal environment. The only way to help recognize this process and make it better for society is share the message like you did in class the other night and hope that message gets shared and personally enforced by those who have received and understand it. Thanks for sharing the message with me...I've already thought about how I look at things since the presentation and discussion.
MBA Student
Saint Leo University
Great content. Good examples and it made me stop and think.
President/Senior Consultant and Training Professional
Quintin & Associates
You did a great job explaining the different biases towards people. Great energy!
MBA Student
Saint Leo University
Thank you for your informative presentation. I received a lot of good takeaways and especially enjoyed the “HR Shuffle.”
Payroll and Human Resources Manager
Portman Holdings
Our group really enjoyed having Kelly join us! Her workplace investigations presentation was awesome and created some really good dialogue for our team. She was a great fit for our team and organization.
CMS Energy
The Trust Trifecta (Unconscious Bias, Diversity & Inclusion, Corporate Culture) was an excellent presentation. I wish Kelly could have been on longer. Awesome!
Media Director
Aerpio Therapeutics, Inc.


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