Disrupt Unconscious Bias

Treat The Problem Not The Symptoms

Our unconscious thoughts negatively impact our organizations every day in ways we probably don’t even realize. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you intentionally commit to leveraging practical strategies to uncover hidden biases and facilitate inclusive interaction you will reduce the negative impact of unconscious bias. 

What you need is a sustained top-down commitment to building a diverse, inclusive and empowered workforce. That can only happen if you stop treating the symptom (lack of diversity) and get laser focused on treating the problem (unconscious bias).

Our team loved your message. I wanted to thank you for the perspective of embracing humanity. I think that spirit is alive and well here at Grow. Hearing you say that encapsulated your entire message and the message most needed within our country right now. You were an exceptional part of our day and I can’t thank you enough for your message.
Thomas Feindt
CEO, Grow Financial

Learning Outcomes:

Differentiate between unconscious bias and discrimination

Explore biases that are most prevalent in the employee career cycle

Analyze the tangible and intangible impact of unconscious bias

Develop practical strategies to uncover hidden biases and facilitate inclusive interactions

Gain practical tools to disrupt unconscious bias and effectuate sustained change