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I owned a wedding and event planning company. So, believe me I know how hard your job is and all the directions you are being pulled. You are expected to be a miracle worker. My team will help you fulfill that mission. We’re here to make your job easier and your event a resounding success. Here’s my promise to you: “Your Vision Effortlessly Fulfilled.”SM

  1. You want an expert who’s been there, done that, wrote the book and did the TEDx.

    Kelly is as real as it gets – a true “salt of the earth.” Not afraid to share her own challenges and triumphs, Kelly will give you the good, the bad, and the ugly but also provide realistic, practical advice to help empower participants to overcome challenges.

  2. You want your participants to be the stars.

    Kelly empowers them revealing their passion, purpose, and greatness. She believes in legacy building. Kelly develops customized keynotes, training, and consultations that align with your business or personal principles and objectives.

  3. You want a speaker who knows their stuff.

    Kelly has spent 20+years empowering small businesses to Fortune 100 companies to discover and leverage the true value of their workforce, take action, and effectively investigate employee complaints.

  4. You want a strategic partner.

    Kelly works with you to make sure the event goes off without a hitch. Need marketing support? You can count of Kelly’s support. If there is a hitch, you never have to worry that Kelly will switch to Diva mode. Drama is not in her vocabulary. Kelly works hard to accommodate your requests, whenever possible, attend receptions, networking events, and/or other pre- or post-events with your sponsors, attendees, and clients.

  5. You want Dynamic, interactive, thought-provoking content.

    Kelly is anything but boring. Her presentations are interactive and thought-provoking. Kelly connects with her audiences and brings them in to her presentation with her visual presentations and her stories. Don’t be surprised – sometimes there’s even music and dancing. Click here to listen to and download Kelly’s “HR Shuffle.”

  6. You want a speaker your audience can relate to.

    Audiences love Kelly and she consistently receives rave reviews. Once you hear Kelly speak, you will understand why. A left brain/right brain lawyer, Kelly is an analytical free-spirit, which draws the different personalities in your audience to her. Kelly enjoys meeting and speaking with her audiences and makes herself available to add value for your participants.

  7. You don’t want a legal talking head.

    Kelly is an experienced and skilled attorney and expert in her field, but she doesn’t speak “legal-ease.” Kelly is adept at delivering complex legal and HR issues in an understandable practical way.

Kelly's Professional Brochure

I love to dance and I know many of you do also. And who can resist a good line dance? The cupid shuffle is one of my favorites. So I decided to write a parody related to HR. Then with my crazy self, I actually reached out to Cupid to request permission to use the song. I had no idea that he would personally respond to me. He did … and said yes! This is my masterpiece (LOL). Just a little fun to break up the day. Feel free to download and share. What would also be great is to see you and your team doing the HR Shuffle. You can post it on your social media (not YOUTUBE) and/or email it to me and I will post it on my website and social media. Enjoy!

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ALL Programs Can Be Presented Via Keynotes, Breakout/Training Sessions, Webinars, On-Site Group Training, One-To-One Coaching Or Consulting.

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